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What is Law Review?

The International Law Journal (ILJ) and Law Review (LR) are physically two different journals (as in, one is blue and one is white, and contain different articles) about different topics (ILJ covers international issues and LR covers domestic issues), but we share one staff (made up of the top 10% of students plus some write-ons). You'll see that most people just call the entire thing law review, so I can see how confusing that is.

So, when you accept, you're automatically on both (so on your resume, you'd be an "associate X on Cal Western Law Review and International Law Journal"). Each journal publishes a Fall and Spring issue. So, in total, law review publishes 4 journals per year, with lead articles (written by J.D.'s, professors, deans, etc) and student articles (written by our CWSL law review students).

You can write your article (discussed later) for whichever journal you want.  For one semester, you'll do editing assignments (explained later) for LR and the next semester, you'll do editing assignments for ILJ.  This way, it really expands your editing skills -- you'll discover parts of the Bluebook that you never knew existed!

What is the average weekly time commitment?

You need to do 42.5 hours of work per semester to get credit, so that averages to around 3 hours a week. And since it’s all independent work, you can plan your work around your school schedule.

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