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Welcome to the California Western Law Review website!

California Western Law Review and International Law Journal strive to be at the forefront of the legal conversation concerning the most pressing, important, and interesting legal topics. In our efforts to achieve this goal, we have launched this new California Western Law Review website! The website will work as a dynamic companion to our print journals, which are printed twice annually.

Some of the features you can expect to find here are:

Online Feature Articles

The website will publish at least two online-only, full-length feature articles per year. These will be fully vetted and rigorously edited, receiving similar treatment to print journal articles.

Symposium Information and Articles

Another dimension of engaging in the continuing legal conversations of the moment, California Western Law Review will host its own legal symposiums each year, bringing together experts and practitioners with attendees and students on various legal topics. Each symposium will have its own theme and will offer MCLE credit for attendees.

Case Notes

The website will publish case notes written by members of the Law Review Executive Board and Editorial Staff about new and interesting legal decisions from both State and Federal courts.

Journal Archive

Access to the Law Review and International Law Journal archive through the Printed Journal<link> page.

           Online Submissions

Anyone wishing to publish with our print journals or on our website may submit their request through our Submission<link> page.

Quarterly Newsletter

To enable our members, our law school, and the broader legal community to remain engaged with California Western Law Review, a quarterly online newsletter will be produced sharing the latest Law Review projects and online content.

Law Review FAQs

Everything you ever wanted to know about California Western Law Review, International Law Journal, scholarly writing, editing, and Bluebooking all in one place.

And more!

The Law Review Executive Board is excited to bring this website and its features to the law school and larger legal community. Please sign up for our newsletter and check back for more interesting and engaging content.